About Me

Yikes. I don’t know what to say.

Well, my name is Alaura Filbin and I’m an aspiring fiction writer, an intersectional feminist, and a graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno with my Bachelor’s in English Writing and a Women’s Studies Minor.

I grew up in a small town in California that almost nobody has ever heard of, then came to Reno, Nevada for school. The plan is to move back home for a while before I start a new adventure, maybe in Portland, Oregon. I haven’t decided yet.

My focus in writing is fiction, though I’ve spent time writing on my experiences with mental and chronic illness and I plan to write on feminist/social justice issues. I have yet to have anything published or even to finish a novel-length work, but I’m in the process of editing a short story for publication and am looking into getting an academic work published.

Just so you can gain a better understanding of who I am, here are some key facts about me:

My parents have been separated since I was three years old and although they are no longer together, they are on good terms. My father is a long-haul truck driver and when he’s not on the road, he lives in a trailer in the backyard of my mother’s house. They have been separated for 19 years and are finally working on getting a divorce. My sister and I are planning to celebrate the divorce with a party for Mom.

Speaking of which, I have a younger sister named Rebecca. She’s two years younger than me and I love her to pieces, even if she pretends not to love me back. It’s fine because I know the truth.

I have a dog named Lucy, short for Lucifer (yes, this was intentional) and she’s about 4 years old, and then another dog named Dudley, who is about 2. I also have a hamster named Snickers and as cute as she is, she’s mostly a poop machine. I love having animals around and wish I could have more but I don’t feel responsible enough to be the sole caretaker of anything other than a small rodent.

Over the years, I have come to identify as queer, meaning that I’m not heterosexual, but other labels fail to convey how I personally feel. To me, “bisexual” means that I’m attracted to two genders, mostly due to the prefix of “bi,” but I do realize that other people use the term “bisexual” to indicate that while they’re not attracted to all genders, they are attracted to many. However, the term “polysexual” fits that definition better for me–attracted to many but not all genders. For a while, that term worked for me fairly well, but I no longer feel pulled towards that definition. I don’t know if I’m attracted to all genders, so I don’t use the term “pansexual” and I’m not a lesbian, so I don’t label myself in that way either. At this current time, “queer” most accurately describes my sexuality: I’m not straight and more specific labels aren’t necessarily needed in order to convey that.

I have been a vegetarian/pescatarian for ten years as of this October. At first I became a vegetarian in order to be like one of my friends, but my own moral reasons developed over time. I believe that raising animals for the slaughter is cruel. It was one thing to hunt animals for food, but it’s an entirely different thing when people breed animals in the capacity that we do in order to kill them to be food. In addition to that, I’m also scared to eat meat again for a few reasons: one, I’ve heard that when vegetarians go back to eating meat, they get sick because the food sits too heavily in their stomachs; two, I don’t think I’ll like meat anymore; three, I feel like there will be people who invalidate my decade-long experience as a vegetarian if I resume eating meat. In any case, I do it for my own reasons now and being a vegetarian for ten years is somewhat of an accomplishment.

I’m addicted to coffee. Basically, if I don’t get my morning jolt, I will be miserable and I will make everyone else’s lives miserable. Some of my old roommates were terrified of me when I didn’t have my coffee. I’m a pleasant human.

Finally, I love tattoos and piercings. I currently have three small but meaningful tattoos as well as various ear piercings.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of my life details and I’m bound to write about more of my opinions and experiences in the future. Also, if I don’t happen to write about something you’re interested in, I am more than open to answering questions, so feel free to head over to the “Contact Me” page.

Yours in coexistence,